Holi Festival in India: Everything you need to know about The Festival of Colour Holi 2017

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Holi Festival is one of the india’s biggest festival, however it’s the most colourful — and probably the one which is most loved by foreigners.
Many people have already “experienced Holi in India” and they had loved it.
How adults, children or old everyone throw coloured powder at each other, and squirt each other with water weapons packed with colored water like water baloons, tubs and all other things and of course who are extra adventurous like me there's also bhang to drink on.

Holi Festival, Holi 2017
Happy Holi 2017

Holi Festival in India

Holi Festival History

Holi Festival essay

Holi Festival India 2017

Holi does not happen on a fixed date each year; it takes place on the day after the full moon in March and this year it will be celebrated on 13th March (2017). I am from india and my experience is that it’s a pleasant festival celebrated with own family and buddies, particularly if you are a girl and from outside India. I bet you are going to love it badly.

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Top suggestions for holi-

1. Find a family or group of human beings to play holi with; don’t go out into the road by way of your self in india’s metros.

I’ve celebrated holi many times. Find your indian circle of relatives if you have any; or you can go for famous holi celebrations location stated in another post.
I found those were the suitable venues for safely experiencing holi. I got full with colours ,eat loads of sweets, and not worry about getting attacked by out-of-control boys and men (as because overseas women walking out into the street in the course of holi and locating themselves can be targeted by males who were using this festival as an excuse for groping like activities, so beware from those perverted and be safe.)

2. Cover your skin with oil and wear clothes which you can throw away after Holi-

If you don't do that you may have left with a red, pink, green or whatever colour you played with everywhere on your skin for a week or may be more time , so it is advisable to cover your skin with oil like Almond Oil, Coconut Oil which is available everywhere easily.

And about Clothes, i prefer to wear White colour clothes which you don't want to wear in future, as you could actually see the coloration!

3. North india does it better-

Holi is a much more exuberantly celebrated in north india, and many towns and cities declare to have the “excellent” holi ecosystem, however i would probably advise you to try mathura/vrindavan; or jaisalmer, udaipur or jaipur in rajasthan. Visit post: first-class locations for holi to test out their interactive festival Playing.

There’s also a celebration known as lathmar holi in barsana, U.P., earlier than the other extra well-known holi takes location. Here are some photos and info approximately lathmar holi.

4. Please be Careful for the bhang and lassi.

Ok, i’m not writing in detail but you should know about what it is. Bhang-lassi is a very powerful intoxicant, disguised as a sweet, delicious drink. I suggest you to try this drink if you haven't but beware don't consume too much otherwise you may end up in the hospital, i have seen many people who are seriously intoxicated.

Pin it! Test out my pinterest holi board, and add your own pics to it!

5. Study the importance of holi.

There are many mythological stories connected to holi also like Diwali. The most famous one is that Lord Krishna applied Colour to Goddess Radha’s cheek. And as those sweethearts represents concord in love, it’s a fascinating picture and connotation. There is another story related to Holi festival also which resembles Holika Dahan means burning of evil and spreadness of goodness.

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Wish you have fun & amusement as all people.


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